Cassandra Wain tells Meyer to ‘remain civil’

Cassandra Wain. 34-year-old American Doctor, said in a Facebook post to Meyer that they had ‘remained civil’ and she didn’t understand why he was trying to hide the marriage. A friend of Dakota Meyer’s former wife said that the couple ‘realized it was a mistake to get married.’

The marriage certificate shows Meyer married Wain in his home state of Kentucky in 2008 when he was 19. Wain and Meyer legally divorced in March 2010 but he is due to marry Sarah Palin’s daughter in just one week, their social media pages show. The couple, who met last year, announced their engagement in March.

Marriage certificate

On the marriage certificate, he lists his occupation as ‘marine’, while Wain, who is from Michigan, worked as a records processor at the time, the certificate shows.

  • The couple legally divorced on March 3, 2010, according to Meyer’s lawyer.
  • Other information about the marriage is sealed, and reported, which was the first to share the document.
  • Bristol’s rep told DailyMail.com that it was the first he had heard of the relationship and had not discussed the issue with his client.

Social media

As antecedently mentioned on Instagram, the Dakota Meyer/Bristol Palin wedding date was speculated to be this returning week. Palin has since gone back to AK to be with family, and Meyer continues to be believed to be in Bluegrass State. whereas it’s attainable each ar getting ready for the marriage from their home states, some on social media have noted however curious it’s that city was noticed while not her ring in terribly recent photos.

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