3 Netflix shows to watch after you finish Lucifer

Here are five shows to watch on Netflix after you finish Lucifer.

When it comes to the urban fantasy, Lucifer on Netflix has all the elements to give us an entertaining romp that is actually rather believable. Even with the devil himself pretending to be a normal guy (not really) and trying to solve crimes, there is something about this drama that is truly delectable.

While it is hard to compare Lucifer to any other shows on the streaming service or network television, that doesn’t mean that there are not some interesting shows that we can follow it up with. After all, once you finish watching every episode of Lucifer, maybe even multiple times, you’re going to want something new to binge-watch.

Luckily, we have some suggestions. Although these shows may not deliver on every single element that makes Lucifer so much fun to watch, there is still something about them that makes them a nice companion to the drama.

3. Supernatural

Seasons: 15 seasons

Short Sell: When it comes to TV shows to watch that give you Lucifer vibes, you can’t have a list and not include Supernatural. Not only are there investigative elements in the early seasons, but of course there are angels, demons, and even a run-in with their take on Lucifer.

With 15 seasons to watch, you know you have plenty to keep you entertained once you finish your next Lucifer binge watch. And since there are just as many elements of supernatural (of course) creatures, as there are investigations and deep dives for the truth, you know there are a lot of similar vibes when comparing these two shows.

2. Warrior Nun

Length: 1 season

Short Sell: It’s a battle between good and evil with one young girl stuck in the middle thanks to a Halo. With demons and battle-ready nuns in the mix, it’s hard to overlook the gem that is Warrior Nun on Netflix. And while it does tend to lean a bit more towards the light, this show is gritty and fun.

Honestly, there is plenty to laugh about, while also getting immersed in the world of these warriors doing their part to save the world (even if the world has no clue). Maybe it is the demon versus nuns thing or the fact that this has that urban fantasy feel, but Warrior Nun feels like it is a great companion to Lucifer.

1. Diablero

Length: 2 seasons

Short Sell: While this Mexican TV series might not be one you have heard before, Diablero absolutely has to be on this list. The show delivers all of the supernatural elements we expect from a companion to Lucifer, while also being fresh and fascinating.

Diablero brings us a mission, demon hunting, and all the vibes that makes us feel like this show is something special.

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